Change header image

Changing the default reseller header image

All reseller sites come with a default header image. You are able to replace this image with one that you design by following the step below:

  1. Remove the HTML snippet at the bottom of your reseller site. This HTML snippet contains a javascript which loads the default image into the website header. To remove, hover your mouse over the HTML snippet  and select "Remove"

  2. Replace the blank place holder image on each page with your own custom image. To edit the page header image simply roll over the page header area and click the  icon displayed on top left.

    1. Select Custom Image from the Source dropdown.

    2. In the Size dropdown you may select to use the default page header image height and prepare your image in the recommended width x height displayed. Or, you may define your own page image height.

    3. In File Upload browse for any file with a valid image extension and click Update.

      To add your own flash animation
      , please follow the same steps as when selecting a custom image (above), just select Custom Animation from the Source dropdown. In File Upload browse for a file with a .SWF extension.