Adding / Removing Domain Name

We provide to our resellers, domain hosting, and/or email hosting. This requires you to either set Name Servers or DNS settings to point the domain name to our system. Once complete the domain must then be physically added to our servers in order for either application to work.

Using the Domains manager in your Manage Accounts interface, you can easily setup the domain on our servers in just a few simple steps.

*NOTE: A domain name will not work until it is setup to point to your system. Instructions here.

1. Access the Domains Manager from the Control Panel > Manage Accounts

2a. In the Manage Accounts window, select Domains to open the Domain Manager.
2b. Select Add Domain to access the add Domain Details area.

As you continue to add additional domains they will be visible in this area for editing.

3. The Domain Details area is used to add the Domain name, Description, and number of allotted email boxes for the account. Select Add when complete to go on to add the Administrator Details.

4. In the Administrator Details area you will add an Administrator Email address and Password to be used or logging in to the user Mail Admin area. Click Add and the account will be applied to the Administrators List.

As you continue to add additional administrator they will be visible in this list for editing.

You can apply additional domains, or edit existing ones at any time.

Once your domain is setup you can then administer the email addresses by following instructions found here.