Managing Email

 Managing Mailboxes

As a Mail Admin for your domain you can add, edit and delete mailboxes at it using the administrative panel. The mail admin account is created when adding a domain name.

  • To add a new Mailbox, from the menu on top select Add Mailbox

    Fill in the username, password, name. Set the Quota to 1000MB - this is the maximum size for email storage on the account. Make sure the mailbox is set as Active. Then press Add Mailbox. A matching alias (forwarding email) will be created for each active mailbox.

    Once the mailbox is created, you can send the username: e.g. and password info to the user and a link to the instructions on using email.

  • To add a new forwarding email (alias), select the Add Alias option from the top menu.

    Fill in the alias and set the email to which it should forward in the To field.

    Please note that an alias itself is not an actual mailbox (with username and password), but simply forwards email to another address. I.e. to check mail sent to the alias, the user should login with the details for the destination address to which the alias is forwarded.

  • To edit the settings for an existing mailbox, go to Overview, and click on the domain name. This will give you a list of all mailboxes and aliases at the domain. Click on the Edit link for the respective email /alias.