Managing Accounts

Introduction to the Reseller Admin Area


All resellers have a Reseller website (portal) delivered as part of their reseller setup. The reseller portal is a branded site with basic information, created to help resellers introduce and promote the website creation service they are offering.


The reseller portal is reseller-branded and is loaded with previews of all designs, description of the features, a set of support and other basic pages. All owners of reseller-based sites may login from the login boxes at the main reseller portal (or from the Edit icon at the footer of their sites).


When the reseller setup is delivered to the reseller, s/he is given an account for editing the reseller portal.


From the Admin of the main reseller portal the reseller has access to the management of all website accounts hosted under his private label and to the management of the upgrade plans (packages) he will want to sell. There is also simple statistics showing the number of users subscribed to each of the reseller packs.


To access the Account and Packages management, enter the Admin of your reseller portal and choose Manage Accounts option from Control Panel on top right. The default page that loads is the Accounts Management view. From this panel you can view all websites accounts under your private label, enter the Admin each account, assign packages to each account, put account on hold, delete, and others.




How to Manage Your Reseller Accounts


The panel Manage Accounts is accessible from the Control Panel menu in the Admin of your reseller portal.


The Sites view will show a list of all websites accounts hosted under your reseller private label, together with short details about each account: creation date, login date, last upgrade applied, expiration date for the upgrade, storage used, and a number of account management options. These options are listed under the Actions column.


Legend of option icons:


 - Activate an account. This icon will let you change a trial account to an active account.

This icon is green if the account is active, and is faded if assigned to a trial package or expired.  You will be billed for all accounts wish have a green icon.   

How to activate an account:

- To activate an account you will need to select [New Subscription] and select [ALL] in the drop down box.  This activates the account with all features and will never expire.

-User Details. Here you may apply the following changes:

1. Update account information: You may edit the login name, reset the password, update the site name or email. If you have additional field for phone in your sign up wizard, you can view the data in the Phone field.

2. Design changes: in the Select Design UI dropdown menu you can select: dropdown (classic) is the old switch design interface represented by dropdowns, Thumbnails is the latest design switch interface. If you wish to restrict the design usage to the currently selected design only, choose Disabled and your customer would not be able to access the design switch interface.
3. Comments, referrers, tags: in the bottom section of the popup you may enter internal notes in the Comments box, may see the referrer URL for this account, as well as the paid tag (if tags have been enabled for your trial accounts).

4. With the Site Utilities you may perform a number of actions, such as publishing and suspending an account. If you suspend an account, you limit the access to the admin of the site. Each attempt to log into the site admin will take the site owner to a page you specified (this might be a page explaining why the access to the site was banned). You may clean the account's cache and remove any files that exceed the site storage. The option for recalculating the used storage is now available for resellers, too.

The options for publishing the site and purging the cache are used just for very specific operations. Please, do not use them unless explicitly instructed by a representatives.

 - Enter Site. Clicking this icon will log you in the Admin of this site. Have in mind you will be logged out from the Admin of your reseller portal.


 - Delete Site. Whenever a site is deleted, an email is automatically sent to the reseller to stop the billing on it.